Frequently Asked Questions

Is distribution and display of brochures an effective method of advertising?

Yes. We know this because our clients tell us it is. We have clients who have been advertising with Sunshine Coast Brochure Display for more than 20 years. These are very astute business operators who only continue with advertising that provides  value for money. We also have clients advertising intermittently and tell us there is a noticeable drop in business when they withdraw their brochures from display.

Is distribution of brochures an affordable advertising method?

Yes.We offer a wide range of advertising options from as little as $1.40 per day.  We have clients who have been with Sunshine Coast Brochure Display for more than 20 years and tell us it is the most cost effective method of advertising they have used.We have even had clients tell us we are too cheap!!

What areas are covered by your service?

Sunshine Coast Brochure Display services all areas from Bribie Island and Caboolture through the Sunshine Coast and Hinterland to the Gympie Cooloola region.  We can also refer you to our colleagues in other regions, including Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Country Queensland if you require wider distribution.

Can I choose where my brochures are placed?

Yes.  We have a range of packages available. Our flexible system allows the client to concentrate their advertising in their local area if they choose. This means reduced distribution cost, reduced printing cost and brochures are not wasted by placing them in areas unlikely to attract customers. We will also work with the advertiser to design a package to suit specific needs.

How does brochure advertising fit with the internet?

The internet is widely used for pre-travel planning however, after leaving home, travelers continue to name brochures as the number one source of information.  Research shows brochures continue to be the best source of information on the local area. Even fantastic web sites do need to be promoted and brochures are a great way to do this.

Can our marketing people visit the outlets carrying our brochures?

Definitely! We welcome the opportunity to work with you and your staff to achieve maximum  results for your business.

Can you give me tips to help my brochure display well in the stands?

Yes.  We have seen countless brochures over many years – we have seen what works and what doesn’t. If we can help you avoid expensive mistakes we will be happy to talk with you.

How do I become a brochure display host?

It’s easy – just give us a call. If you have a location which will provide good exposure for our clients we would like to hear from you.


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