Sunshine Coast moves closer to having Australia’s first wave pool.

30 Jan 2015
The Sunshine Coast Council has granted international entertainment company Waterplay Pty Ltd  preliminary approval for the development of a $90 million water park, including Australia’s first wave pool.
Waterplay Pty Ltd who  already own huge waterparks in Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Malaysia, are proposing a world class facility including wave pool, waterslides, canoeing, pony rides, adventure games,  hotel and cabins with function centre and restaurants.
Greg Webber, founder and designer of Webber Wave Pools, has confirmed that 2 of his pools are under consideration by Waterplay Pty Ltd for the Sunshine Coast development.  The biggest can produce 1000 waves per hour from 1 – 2 metres high. These pools are considered by many to be the best in the world and will open the door for the Sunshine Coast to be included should  wave pool surfing be added to the professional world surfing tour in the future.
The project is expected to provide more than 400 jobs during construction and 250 ongoing positions with an estimated economic benefit to the region of $50 million. Deputy mayor Chris Thompson  has said “an investment like this is potentially a very exciting outcome for the Sunshine Coast. We want to encourage tourism investment like this on the coast but we have to treat applications on their merits and go through due process”
After several years of evaluating potential Australian sites, Waterplay Pty Ltd has selected a 24 hectare parcel of land  on Steve Irwin Way. This is a well established tourist route, making it in close proximity to other tourism attractions Aussie World, The Bellingham Maze, The Big Kart Track and Australia Zoo.  It is also adjacent to a 53 hectare site which the Queensland State Government has earmarked for a Motocross and BMX park.

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