Julian Wilson - Our Sunshine Coast Pipemaster!

21 Dec 2014
December 20, 2014 was the best day of Julian Wilsons life!
Yesterday 26 year old Julian edged out new world champion Gabriel Medina to win the  Pipeline Masters in Hawaii – one of the most coveted  titles in professional surfing. 
The contest was riveting with the decision  coming only after both surfers were back on the beach. The pumping 8 foot barrels provided the perfect canvas for a thrilling contest between  the 2 exciting young surfers. 
The final was enthralling from the onset with both goofy footers going different directions on the same wave! 
With a perfect 10 in the bank Gabriel was off to a flying start  and held the lead for most of the final. Julians tenacity kept him in touch and, with just minutes to go, the final exchange saw him on a right hand barrel. He surfed it brilliantly coming out with the spit for a 9.7!!  Right behind him, Gabriels' last wave scored 9.2 – not enough!
The final scores – Gabriel 19.20 ( 10.00 + 9.20 ) and Julian 19.63 ( 9.93 + 9.70 )
The Pipe Masters win also gave Julian the Vans triple Crown of Surfing which is second only to the World Title in professional surfing.  It is awarded for the best overall performance at 3 of Hawaii’s big wave breaks – Haleiwa, Sunset Beach and the Banzai Pipeline.
Congratulations Julian – the Sunshine Coast could not be prouder of you!!

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